Ester Manitto

A school of life, taking the workshop into the surrounding territory.

Ester Manitto (1968), student, then assistant, in the school-workshop of A G Fronzoni in Milan and from 1994 to 1995 worked for Renzo Piano’s studio Building Workshop in Vesima.In 2012 she published the first edition of “A lesson with A G Fronzoni. From teaching design to teaching a lifestyle.”
Both a book about and homage to her teacher. The book was shown in Milan’s Triennale during an exhibition of selected products by ADI design Indez 2013. In April 2017 Ester published a second extended edition.
After teaching Visual design in Milan’s Bovisa Polytechnic, she now teaches Visual Design Methodoloy in Marangoni, Milan and Basic design” and Brand design” in NABA, Milan.
Ester’s interests (“the sensitivity of my children, Lorenzo and Bianca Lia, pushes me to consider the needs and interests of their generation”) are concentrated mostly on education
and pedagogy but also on the care and conservation of the environment and the arts. As well as fashion and design (design planning and manufacturing of jewellery, bags, clothing)
she works in architecture as designer, planner and coordinator of her own studio.
Her vision is brought together in concept lines through which she develops her ideas.